Saturday, March 5, 2011

Well well well, somebody wants to play.

Hi, hello, G'day!

If you're reading this you've probably wondered onto this fine specimen of a blog by mistake. Its either that or you're a friend of mine, and I sent you the link over and over and over, until you finally caved in and told me I was fantastic.

I just wanted to introduce myself somewhat, maybe give you some idea of the short of crap I'll be bloggen aboot. My name is Adam Simmonds (Although I like to by Christopher ((my middle name)) from time to time), I'm from South Australia and I'm quite partial to video games,collecting (Special editions, figures, tins, cards, statues etc etc), anime & manga. My spelling and grammar are that of a 5 year old autistic kid but despite that I love writing. I've written several short stories that i'll never share with anyone ever, and im in the process of writing another (maybe I'll share this one here)

If you haven't guessed by now, my blogs will probably just be about Video games and Anime, although when I go to conventions I'll probably talk about that some. I will also probably do reviews from time to time and other crap like that.

Well, that just about raps it up. If you're still remotely interested in anything I've got to say after that rambley mess of text, I suggest you seek medical advice, and then after that hit the follow button.

See ya', Goodbye, Ciao.