Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend adventure!

This past weekend I attended Armageddon. a pop culture convention. This year
marks the first year my humble state of Adelaide gets privilege to it, and boy did it make an impression. From the events to the guests, and even the super adorable girl at the Critical Hit booth, dressed as Yoko from Gurran Lagen, there was something

there for everyone.

It was unfortunate I left my camera in the car, and didn't realize until I went to take my first picture of the day. Its a real shame, but I suppose getting to enjoy the day without pictures is better then not being able to have gone at all.

The even started at 9am, the usual time for such conventions. The line at the ticket booth was almost non existant, although the line to get in must have been the length of Satan's junk. Tickets where 20 dollars for an adult day pass. Im not sure about American conventions, but in Australia that price isn't completely uncommon.

The character the girl was cosplaying
After getting in, armed with nothing but 100 dollars I got to work. I was immediately drawn to the Stand for, a new start up site that sell anime/mechanise and video games online and at conventions. The reason for this was the super amazing adorable as hell girl that was at the stand. A cosplaying godess as she where, sporting the the outfit of Yoko For Gurren Lagann. She had the Gun, The pants the boobs, the lot!
If only I had my camera T__T;

After making my way around some more, I found my usual favourites, the madman stand for instance, 10 dollar manga? Im so totally there man.
There's also this company that are ALWAYS at conventions that sell DVDs and Manga for 5 dollars each. needless to say I managed to snag the whole second season of Black Lagoon and some other goodies.

After awhile I wondered into another stand, that was previously inaccessible to me, because of the crowed. There, I found the crown jewl of the day. the fucking magnum opus of the whole day. 

I found, "The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of seasons" Manga. Now, you have to focus really hard this moment. Think back to yesterdays post, the super long one about the game. Focus all your energy into how many bricks came out of my butt, right there on the show floor. I provided the builders union of Australia enough bricks to last them 40 odd years.
The source of my brick shitting abilities

I HAD to have it, I absolutely could not leave without it. I paid the good man the 15 dollars for it and was ready to start reading it that VERY moment. Alas I was still at the convention, and had to wait until I got home. Its sitting right next to me as I type this, staring me down, asking me why I haven't read it yet. The answer to that being I also got alot of other manga and anime, and Im saving the very best to last.

From what I've gotten from it though, it follows the story of the game, right down to the epic battle with Onox right at the end. Its a single volume manga too, so I wont have to go out hunting for more volumes after.

So that was my day yesterday (the 5th). Full of fun, and excitement, many loots where gained and many laughs where had.

I saw this guy walking around quite a bit at the convention, taking interviews and video and what not. This is only part one of, what I assume many parts of the video.

Great day, and I can't wait to attend Armageddon again next month at the Melbourne entertainment centre. 


  1. Awesome, nice find with the Zelda manga!

  2. Looks like a fun convention.

  3. on a sidenote: the "sad" part its that yoko its supposed to be 14 years old

  4. Zelda games are always a bomb time.

  5. I wish I could have seen that yoko cosplay she sounded hot! That zelda manga looks sweet :D

  6. Sounds like you had a Blast, nice find on that Zelda manga there, me im a pirate, i would download a car if i could he he he


  8. Looks like it was a cool day.