Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painted the town gray-blue!

I spent the majority of my day pissing around in town with my friend today. Now, Im not normally one to do the whole "social" thing, but I hadn't left the house in like three fucking weeks unless I had to, so I felt it was time, plus I sort of like my friends. :3

I had been trying to organise something all bloody week, so Danny and I left to stroll around and beat down everyone who looked like a hipster (that last bit was a lie, are you learning yet?).

The weather today was a weird combo of rain, and heat. it wasn't that entirely unpleasant but it was weird being wet and hot at the same time. I normally like this sort of weather though, but when I have to walk around all day in it, it wears on me a bit. Its like when you're cuddling your dog, its all nice and cute and shit, then he head buts your noes, and you refuse to talk to him for a few hours, its exactly like that.

Anyway, Danny and I hit up the usual stores,JB hifi, EB games, ShinTokyo and food places. All dandy fine. I got a Jack Johnson album (SHUT UP IM NOT GAY) from JB for $9.99, so awesome. And I also got this baby.

I mean, look at it. isn't that the most wonderful stuffed toy you've ever had the pleasure to view with your eye holes?

The little bastard cost me $30 dollars and was totally worth every cent. Its pretty big and cute and made of really good quality materiel.

So that as my day, Lunch, buying shit, home. it too five hours but it was fun, Im tired as all hell though now, and I think its time to play some pokemon!

How was your day?


  1. my day was full of jelly from seeing your snivy plush :(

  2. Jack Johnson...... Oh, how I fucking love Jack Johnson..... <3

    That doesn't make you gay at all, it just makes you AWESOME!

  3. my day was pretty lazy until now...

    wake up, bake eggs, take a bath, go blogging...

    Very productive so far!

  4. my day was cool - slowly recovering from a rugby induced hangover...but cool

    Love the stuffed toy