Thursday, March 10, 2011

Im not your all knowing god, bro!

Just because I spend alot of time on the computer, doesn't mean I know how to burn DVDs using a very specific program and settings.

Just because I built a computer, doesn't mean I can fix all of your hardware issues, like your god damn power supply exploding.

Just because I USE facebook, doesn't mean I wan't to become your neighbour on every stupid game you play on it.

Just because I have an anti virus  doesn't mean I want to fix your porn filled laptop, every single week, EVEN FUCKING AFTER you purposely uninstalled the fucking anti virus Installed because "it was poping up about  worms and shit"

I know i've been guilty of this, many times i've gone to my friend Danny asking him about something I had no clue about. Thats cool fine and dandy, he doesn't mind because I don't ask every single week, and I made effort to do it myself beforehand. And don't get me wrong, I don't mind when my friends ask for help, fucking hell, even if my friends asked for help every day I wouldn't mind, because my friends aren't stupid about asking.

But when 9,000,000 family members come over, to ask for my help, or my dads help, and then don't take any of my advice.

M Y 

J I M M Y S.

I also hate it when my dad says "Sure, I'll fix your 8 year old laptop, with 5125 hours of HD porn on it, with the virus to boot" Then when the time comes to follow through on his word, he gets me to fucking do it. And Im a pussy I'll ALWAYS say yes.
I know im really coming off as an asshole, but im sure you can understand somewhat.

Anyway, sorry for the late/short blog, if you even care. I've been playing pokemon like nobody's business.


  1. Oh god I know what you mean. I hate it when people assume that just because you KNOW how to do something, it means that you do it for fun.

    I love your writing style and look forward to reading more.

    Followed =D

  2. "it was poping up about worms and shit"
    Delete anything containing virus... including anti-virus!

  3. "Just because I USE facebook, doesn't mean I wan't to become your neighbour on every stupid game you play on it."

    this hit me hard. ****ing farmville fags

  4. this is why i never tell people i'm good with computers. they'll just use you.