Friday, March 11, 2011

Dragon Rage 2.

Gurl Hawke
Well bloody hell, would you look at that. 21 hours into pokemon and I've still got more dragon age 2 to play. I just want to talk briefly about the changes.

Dragon age 2 is infact, for all intents and purposes, the dragon age origins sequel. Although at first glance you wont know this. Fuck, at first hour of actual gameplay, you wont know this. The game has been changed up so much that its lost all feel of a dragon age game.

You play as Hawke, and your home in Fereldon or something went bye-bye because of the horde of dark spawn, or something like that. To be honest I don't really care. That's the whole game really, a series of things that happen that you wont care about. If you think of the game as dragon age, I dare say you probably won't enjoy it.

It does have some redeeming points though. Combat can be a bunch of fun at times and the graphics set to high with directx 11 and the high resolution texture pack, look quite nice. But there is one thing, one thing that Ruffles my jimmy's.

As this game is actually set after the events of origins, some characters make a return, like Flemmeth for example (dispite the fact I killed her old dragon ass.)
Don't get me wrong, she looks fucking cool and what-not, but its just so different.

The game is alright, and that's all it really is. it has obvious signs of being rushed, but for what its worth its a few hours of fun, if you can over look the fact it feels nothing like dragon age. And don't EVEN get me started on Morrigan, I mean, LOOK AT HER.


  1. ^Truth
    It doesn't feel like a dragon age game, BUT it was still pretty fun.