Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gotta' Catch em' All!

First of all I just wan't to say happy saint Patrick's day. Being part irish myself, I felt this was necessary. Hope you all had/have a good one. 

Well crap, there goes my promise I made to my self  to Post every day. 
Not that anyone gives two craps though, but still I feel like I've just been lazy, playing pokemon and dragon age, forgetting about the blog, letting it slip away. Funnily enough though, I gained two new followers, bringing the total (as of 17th of march) to 37!  So, to the new people who have decided I bring enough quality to the table, I welcome you, its going to be a wild ride. 

As I stated above I've been playing the butt off of pokemon. Im about 30 hours in now and im just past the 7th gym. The game has been out for about a week now, and I got mine early. Even so my friend Sara is powering through it so fast its unbelievable, I can't help but to think she's not quite taking in everything, exploring, getting all the hidden items etc etc. Each to their own though, if she's happy doing that, Im happy she's happy.

My Friend Corrin is steadily coming along too, as far as I know she's just past the 5th gym into the 6th town, and has a pretty cool (and somewhat similar) team as I had at that point. She's nicknaming all her pokemon with central European names. I think its cleaver and pretty funny, last time I went with a nickname theme it didn't turn out so well, I ended up reverting to "Sparkly" and "Lezbo face" because im none too imaginative.

I just now realise that out of my friends, Corrin and Sara are really the only ones who play pokemon black & white. I
know other people who do, but none I would consider friends. isn't that strange? 

Anyway, as far as my progress goes. Its going steady. I just beat the 7th gym a little while ago, and I have to look for team Plasma in the desert ruins. Im not really too worried about going through the whole game super quick, im just taking it easy, playing for a few hours every day or so. Collecting everything I can and talking to everyone I can. I noticed the black and white seem a lot harder then older pokemon games too, it might just be me but some fights actually give me trouble. 

Heres my team as of right now, they are all in the 40's range, and Im in the process of levelling them all to 46

Right to left: Zebstrika, Stoutland, Unfezant , Whimsicott (fluffee) and Serperior (Allen)

Im in god damn love with Whimsicott right now, its ability and speed allows it to leach seed right at the start of the fight. Its a god damn wall, especially with Cotton Guard. its also my favourite pokemon so far this generation, Its so god damn cute. I mean look at that fluffy bastard. 

Something has caught me off guard though. Normally Im quite quick to swap out pokemon as I see fit, but I've had all of these bastards as soon as they where avalible to me. Zebstrika started out as a level 10 Blitzle I found on route 10, Stoutland started out as a level 4 Lilipup on route 4, Unfezant was level 13 when I caught it as a pidove on Route 3, Whimsicott I got in an in-game trade at level 15 and of course I started with Serperiors first evolve, Snivy.
The 6th slot in my party is reserved for the HM whore Im using at the time, but remains empty when I don't really need one. when I hit the E4 I'll train something up to fill in that gap. 

I have to say, so far Im fucking amazed at the quality of this game. You can tell a great deal of time and effort went into the development, its a god damn blast, the graphics are amazing and the story is actually good.

I'll probably post more blogs about pokemon white later, I don't really have much else to talk about anyway, and im sure I'll always be able to say something about this game.

I hope you've found some resemblance of entertainment from this short ramble, and I hope to see you again soon. If you've been playing this game, tell me what you think and what you're using right now. 


  1. YOU DIDNT POST EVERYDAY! WHY MAN!? hahaha jk. Thanks for blogging!

  2. Here are 2 craps, you didn't post everyday!
    Well I hope you are enjoying this tho! I dont own a copy of these games :(

  3. It's cool. Life happens and you miss a day here and there.

  4. Yeah we all take time off...