Monday, March 7, 2011

The Tube.

With what seems like an endless amount of content on youtube, it can sometimes be hard to find the best people to subscribe to. I have had my account on youtube since mid 2005, I have over 320 unique subscriptions that I watch regularly, so I thought maybe I would share with you some of my favourites.
But before I begin, please keep in mind this isn't my "top 10" this just a list of 10 of my subscriptions, that I like the most.

  1. 13Mordeth - Hes a man from Canada who has been living in Taiwan for 20+ years. His vlogs are done while he rides one of his various motorcycle/scooters around the beautiful hills of Taiwan, or the cities. All of his vlogs, even the serious ones are funny and you'd be wise to check him out.                                              
  2. Blunty3000 - An Australian from Sydney. All things tech and gaming related go here, he talks about all sorts of latest technologies and conventions. His personality is great and he's a genuinely nice guy. Subscribing to him is doubly beneficial if you're Australian yourself, or you have an interest in what's going on in Australia in regards to technology.

  3. Boogie2988 - This guy is amazing. He has had such a hard life and still manages to be upbeat and hilarious. his content consists of vlogs and skits. He has two characters he uses, both with hugely different personalities. Hes a really sweet guy and deserves every view he gets.

  4. brentalfloss - A comedic song writer. He ads lyrics to classic game themes, and makes them helarious. He also does other things like an ongoing tutorial to writing your own lyrics.

  5. freddiew - interesting and often funny skits done with amazing special effects. The main focus of this channel is to show off special effects, of course, but the skits them selves are awesome!

  6. frezned - A vlogger from Geelong, Victoria. Known for his fast talking, he's worth checking out, if only to get a laugh.

  7. smosh - Surely everyone has heard of Smosh, but if not, here you go! Ian and Anthony are two friends who do videos together every week. Really funny and really cleaver. Soon after watching just a few of their videos you'll find yourself wanting more and more.

  8. megwin - A Japanese man who makes videos seemingly everyday. Although his videos are in Japanese, you can still work out the basic gist of his videos. It makes me laugh every single time because of his body language. Some English is in the videos in the form of title cards that certainly helps in understanding what's going on, but for the most part you wont. Worth checking out, but I would understand if you would rather not. Here's a video though - This is the one that got me hooked.

  9. wheezywaiter - You may have heard of Wheezy by now, hes becoming quite popular. A man from Chicargo in the US, who does Daily comedic vlogs. His channel has many inside jokes that long term viewers will understand, and new viewers will learn over time (or right away if you go back and watch some of his older vlogs) He's really quite funny and one of my  favourites. He also loves it when the coffee is done.

  10. last but not least; garishyellowshirt - Probably one of the best on youtube, but highly under appreciated. Vlogs about books, TV, science. With slight comedic undertone. I've been subscribed to this good man for almost the entire duration of his youtube account, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Well, That was my list of some of my favourites on youtube. Of course I have more, but I feel like these top 10 pretty much round up nice and perfectly the ones I most want to share. In the comments, tell me if you've watched any of these guys before, and maybe leave a recommendation on another youtuber. I hope atleast some of you gain some entertainment form them, and maybe find a new tuber you like.  


  1. I'm subbed to wheezywaiter :3
    But none of the others >.>

  2. Thanks for sharing the list. I'm not subscribed to any of those, probably because I'm only subscribed to three channels.

  3. I'm following =3 here... though not as much as before

  4. Dude, I love Boogie! And Mrstripyhead, he's an Aussie vlogger from Queensland.

  5. gonna check that last one, im into science and stuff

  6. Never heard of any of em, checking them out.

  7. i will check it,thanks for sharing